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China Yongfeng Enterprise Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo, a famous exportation sea port city of China. Since 1997, being a professional exporter for the full of autoclave machine, dental autoclave, autoclave & sterilizer lines in China, we have been busy developing and improving a wide range of sterilization equipment, autoclave machine, dental autoclave for the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, bio-technology, and surgical markets. If you join in us, you can enjoy a peace of mind that the products, autoclave machine, dental autoclave you are buying have produced in an environment friendly facility in addition to meeting highest standards of the medical industry and your competitive market!
Class N - TMQ.R-3850 60L Class N - TMQ.R-3870 80L
Class N - TMQ.R-5070 135L Class N - TMQ.C-2540 23L
Class N - TMQ.C-3250 45L Class N - TMQ.C-3850 60L
Class N - TMQ.C-3870 80L

Class B- TMQ.CV-3870 80L Class B- TMQ.CVK-2540B 23L
autoclave machine autoclave machines
Class S- TMQ.CVK-2540S 23L Class N - LMQ.R-3260A 50L


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Yongfeng Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Add: No.1, Lane 110, Shengfeng Road, Ningbo, 315010, China
Tel:  86-574-87255354
Fax: 86-574-87125894
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