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Easy-operating and Multi-function Washer Disinfector for Hospital
 All the medical instruments in operating room can be used on EASY200 or Easy350 series machine to be cleaned, disinfected and dried according to the relevant standards and hospitals program. The double door machine can realize the separation of clean area from dirty area.
 All the process during operation can be seen very clearly by the use of glass door on EASY200 and EASY350 machine. The combination of glass and stainless steel create a very attractive appearance.
 Seen with EASY350 series machine, all process such as:cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and drying can be completed by EASY200 series machine. The two series machines can be separately used or assembled together to meet the different requirements from the smaller departments to the bigger departments.
hospital disinfection
hospital disinfections
Loading and Unloading
EASY200 series machine do not need outside loading cart for its manually operated door. EASY350 series machine can be loaded and unloaded by human labor or automatic by using of automatic vertical sliding door. All the instruments need to be processed can be rationally and economically put by using the attached trolley, carousel an various baskets according to the ergonomics.
Huge Capacity
The bigger chamber of EASY350 series machine can hold a 5 layers rack which have assembled sprayer arm on each layer and process 15 trays one time with DIN standard. While EASY200 series machine can process more than 20 trays one time.
Safety Clean for Anaesthetic Instruments and the Other Utensils
The most reliable methods for cleaning anaesthetic instruments are available, and provide the special attachments to efficiently clean nursing bottles, receptacles and shoes to meet the harsh de-soiled standard.
Easy Operation and Control
EASY200 series machine adopt German SIEMENS S7200 controller and TD200 text display. Easy350 series machine adopt American Rabbit2000 controller which can display and has touch screen function.
Technical Parameters:
  EASY200 EASY350
Overall Dimensions 730x650x1860mm    (LxWxH)mm 900x1200x1800mm    (LxWxH)mm
Chamber Dimensions 620x550x590mm    (LxWxH)mm 700x730x880mm    (LxWxH)mm
Weight 210Kg 450Kg
Structure Vertical standing Vertical standing
Body Material 304 stainless steel, heat and noise insulation 304 stainless steel, heat and noise insulation
Chamber Material 316L or 304 stainless steel 316L or 304 stainless steel
Door Material Glass or stainless steel Glass or stainless steel
Power 3x380V, 220V/50Hz 3x380V/50Hz
Other Connections 1/2'pipe for cooling water,hot water and purified water, 2-5bar pressure
  Water discharge:1.5' pipe, ventilation:ø89mm (3.50') pipe
Chamber Heating Standard:9kw,electrical or steam heating Standard:18kw,electrical or steam heating
Program Control 6 programs are preset, the other 20 programs can be set by the user Touch screen control, 6 programs are preset, the other 20 programs can be set by the user
Temperature Control The temperature for cleaning and rinsing can be chosen between 20-93oC, drying temperature is between 70-120oC
Disinfection The peak is 93oC
Rack Various standard racks and attachments are available

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