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Series Medical Digital Full-Automatic Washer Disinfector

According to the features of hospital, this appliance is designed completely in a cleaning tank, in which it composes with six processes: High-pressure rough watering with flowing-water, high-pressure cleaning with flowing-water, high-pressure fulling with flowing-water, dipping-oil boiling, boiling and disinfecting, and thermal wind drying. It has 8 stable programs for the user's selection and 1 special program for user's setting, and is mainly available for hospital’s micro-vessel knife, haemostatic forceps, biopsy forceps, scissors, bottle, pumping appliance, syringe needle, all sorts of syringe, test tube, sheet glass, exchanging bowl, all sorts of dishes, drum, pressure indicator with radioactivity, contamination for a big quantity, high-precise cleaning requirements. It is the essential instrument in OR, supply room and disinfector center of the hospital.

Main Function :
Digital indication of equipment’s manufacturing date, serial number, using date, and add-up working time.
Indication of the equipment’s operation procedure and main technical specifications.
The equipment has 8 fixed programs for your selecting, and a special program for setting by yourself.
Indication of each procedure of function setting and running course.
Indicating the running state of auto rough watering, cleaning, fulling, flushing, dipping-oil boiling and thermal wind drying.
Indication of over-temperature, over-voltage, over-current and shunt protection.
Indication of low level, no liquid and shunt protection in the cleaning tank.
Adopting digital smart software for the operation procedure.
Cleaning process :
Put instrument into the trays---put the trays into the cleaning shelf---put the cleaning shelf into the cleaning trolley---put the cleaning trolley into the cleaning tank---close the door by hand--- press P1-P8 key---auto spraying---auto heating---auto drain sewage---auto spraying with cleaning water---auto supplying available polypeptidase---auto heating---auto drain sewage---auto spraying with soft water---auto heating---auto drain sewage---auto spraying with purified water---auto supplying available oil---auto dipping-oil boiling---auto drain liquid---auto purified water spraying---auto infusion of disinfector liquid---auto boiling---auto drain liquid---auto thermal wind drying---auto stable temperature drying---auto cool wind drying---open the door by hand---material unloading and sterilizing in the autoclave
Main Technological Data:
Model KQ-D350SY KQ-D350SY.D KQ-D226SY KQ-D226SY.D
Outer Dimension 1200x900x1800mm 750x810x1850mm
Inner Dimension of Cleaning Tank 720x730x670mm 640x580x615mm
capacity of Cleaning 350L 226L
water heating power 25KW outer connection for steam heating 10KW outer connection for steam heating
drying heating power 25KW outer connection for steam heating 10KW outer connection for steam heating
highest sterilizing temperature 95°C
Adjustable Time 1-480min
cleaning liquid pump 100ml/min
oil pump 100ml/min
open/close door controlling door by hand
working noise 60dB
water source pressure 0.10MPa-0.80MPa
consumption power 28KW 2.5KW 12KW 2KW
voltage 380VAC 220VAC 380VAC 220VAC
3 phase with 5 wires single phase with 3 wires 3 phase with 5 wires single phase with 3 wires
cleaning trolley pulling trolley by hand
material of cleaning tank stainless steel No. 316 or 304
inner and outer shell No.304 stainless steel square tube and No.304 wiredrawing board
price of single door(FOB NINGBO USD) 19557 19926 13382 13505
price of double door(FOB NINGBO USD) 21525 21894 14612 14735

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