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CLASS B-LMQ.CV 3885 100L

LMQ.CV Series Full-automatic Pulsation Steam Vacuum Vertical Sterilizer
It is a kind of small-size high pressure and high temperature automatic fast sterilizing equipment with pressure steam as medium. It is suitable to sterilizing instruments, dressing, rubber, liquid, glassware, culture medium and waste in the operating room, clinical laboratory , biological laboratories, CSSD, colleges and universities, Disease Control Center, etc. all levels of healthcare sectors and biomedical research institutes.
Main Features:
●Microcomputer control, touch screen, LCD menu display;
●Infusion water, pulse vacuum, heating, sterilizing, vacuum drying the whole process are automatically controlled by program. Malfunction alarm automatic display;
●With instruments, dressing, rubber, culture medium and user-defined sterilization procedures for user's optional;
●With pre-vacuum, temperature regularly emptied, dynamic pulse positive pressure, etc. many other means completely exhaust the cold air in the sterilization room, to ensure the steam saturation;
●With automatic fast and slow exhaust control functions, with the temperature, pressure interlock control to prevent liquid overflow;
●Beep reminding when end;
●With preheat control, delay start function;
●0.22μm HEPA filter can ensure the vacuum steam is amicrobic, to avoid further contamination;
●With Bowie & Dick and vacuum testing procedures;
●With the thermal insulation function. Demand is fast and convenient in the insulating process;
●Built-in water tank. Steam internal recycling, no efflux steam. Environment is dry and clean;
●Level of sliding door, self-up-style gasket, so operation is simple and safe;
●Mini printer is optional.

Safety Protection:
●Over-temperature protection: Over the setting temperature, system automatically cut offpower;
●Anti-dry alarm: When below the lowest water level, automatically cut off heating power;
●Door position detection devices: Door opened during operation, system automatically cut off heating power;
●Door safety interlock devices: Only the doors closed in place, sterilizers start to connect heating power to work. If there is pressure in the chamber, door can not be opened;
●Automatic releasing pressure safety valve: when overpressure, pressure releasing valve will open;
●Specific temperature, pressure interlock control, to ensure the safety of operators and sterilization items;
●Thermal Protection and Insulation Door Cover: high-performance thermal insulation door cover, beautiful and prevented operator from scald;
● Electronic circuit safety devices: AC main circuit with a short-circuit protection, over-voltage DC control circuits with overload protection.
●With sensor break detection function.

Main Technical Parameters:
Designed Pressure: -0.1/0.28MPa Max. Working Pressure: 0.23MPa
Pressure Display Range: -0.1~0.3MPa
Designed Temperature:150℃ Temperature Selective Range: 105℃~136℃
Temperature Display Precision: 0.1℃ Solution Temperature : 60~100℃(Changeable)
Insulation Temperature : 40~60℃(Changeable)
Timing Range: 0~99h 59min
Vacuum Degree:≦-80KPa
Chamber Material: SUS304 stainless steel
Accessory: 2 PCS stainless steel baskets


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