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Comparison of Common Disinfection Machine Products

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-28      Origin: Site

1.Ozone sterilizers

Ozone is a broad-spectrum bactericide that kills bacterial propagules, viruses, fungi, etc. Ozone is reduced to oxygen and leaves no residues after it sterilizes objects. The ozone sterilizer is mainly used for air sterilization and surface sterilization of objects in processing workshops of the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Usually, ozone sterilizers are classified as mobile ozone sterilizers, wall-mounted ozone sterilizers, chandelier ozone sterilizers, floor-mounted ozone sterilizers, etc. Each ozone sterilizer has an ozone sterilization system inside, consisting of an air purification and drying unit and an ozone generator.

The air passes through the air compressor and then be cooled down to -50℃ by the cooler, dried by the drier, filtered by the filter and finally sterilized by the ozone generated by the ozone generator at the 15000~17000V high voltage electricity.  Actually, ozone is extremely unstable and when it decomposes it releases nascent oxygen. The nascent oxygen has so strong oxidative ability that it is able to kill micro-organisms such as viruses and bacteriophages with indomitable vitality.

2.Disinfectant sprayers

The disinfectant sprayer consists of the air compressor, the tube, the nozzle, etc. It can turn the liquid into spray through air suction, evenly spraying the liquid on objects. Sprayers are very common in our life. They are the tools for spraying pesticides and watering flowers. Usually, disinfectant sprayers are used for the confined space disinfection. The disinfectant sprayers turn the liquid drug into super fine droplet particles. The droplet particles can float in the air for a long time and easily reach narrow corners, able to make perfect sterilization with relatively less liquid medicine.

We should choose the proper disinfectant sprayer for applications in different scenes. Parameters such as drug tank capacity, spray volume, droplet size and head should be taken into consideration when making your choice. Actually, the mist cannon truck usually seen on the street works with the same principle. What make the mist cannon truck different is that it has a drug tank with a larger capacity and a sprayer with a larger head. 

3.Ultraviolet(UV) disinfector

The UV disinfector is widely used. The UV causes death and reproduction inability of microorganisms by destroying and altering their DNA structure, hence, achieve the purpose of sterilization. There are many types of UV disinfectors, such as the wall-mounted type, mobile type, the hung ceiling type, etc.

In general, the UV disinfector is composed of a composite filter, working air duct, ultra-violet lamp, negative ionizer, ultra-quiet fan, LCD operation and monitoring system and housing set. 

The ultra-quiet fan draws some of the polluted air from the confined space into the machine. Then, the composite filter filters out the small and large dust in the air. Meanwhile, the ultra-violet lamp installed on the inlet side of the filter instantly kills the bacteria in the airflow. At last, the clean air is sent back to the room. These steps constitute the air purification and sterilization process of the UV disinfector.

Despite various types of disinfection equipment in our life, what we mentioned above are the main working principles of all the disinfection equipment.   


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