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EASY 480 Washer Disinfectors

Washer Disinfectors
ESAY480 is developed on the basis of national requirement and international standard on cleaning equipment for medical instruments in our company, with a technique of spraying manner of hot water to clean, disinfect medical instruments and also supply oil, dry these instruments according to different features of objects by means of different processing programs, which can effectively protect operators and prevent cross contamination, meanwhile ensuring the cleaning result.
EASY480 is suitable for treatment to surgical instruments, utensils, narcosis apparatus, endoscope devices and etc in hospitals.

Job number and nomination

Job number and nomination


EASY480 series consists of the cabin, airproof door, pipeline system, decorating covers, control system and loading trolley and transport cart.

1. The chamber
A. Made of advanced threaded stainless steel and finely processed.
B. Spot welding is adopted on the construction to minimize welding distortion.
C. There are installed two jetting arms, one on top and the other at the bottom of the cabin, which eject water to clean objects.
D. Outside the cabin insulating materials are sticked to keep heat from escaping rapidly and noise at a low level.
E. Illuminating lamp inside the cabin is optional for clearer view over the performance in the cabin.

2. The airproof door
A. Up and down slide glass door (single or double) is adopted on EASY350 for the convenience of observation over the operation.
B. With double door model the processing area and the aseptic area can be effectively separated.
C. The two doors are interlocked each other, the front door cannot be opened until the back one is closed, or vice versa. Thus access to contaminated objects is avoided at the upmost by operators
D. When loading, press the the key on the touch screen to open the door and after loading close the door in the same way for processing. If a cycle comes to the end, the door on the unloading end opens automatically and objects can be taken out manually or automatically.
E. 3 safety measures:

    1. Interlock device——The two doors are interlocked each other, the front door cannot be opened until the back one is closed, or vice versa.

    2. Self locking——a cycle cannot be started until the door is closed and the door cannot be opened until the cycle comes to the end.

    3. Safety lock—the airproof door will return back when it meets barrier during its closure, this will not harm the operator and objects to be processed.

3. Pipeline system

It consists of the water pipe to the cabin, the circulation water pipe, the lotion entry pipe, the squirm pump pipe for lotion entry, air exhaust pipe, drainage pipe and drying system. For details refer to the pipeline principle diagram.
A, The imported electromagnetic valve adopted makes it possible that water enters the cabin automatically.
B, The imported squirm pump makes it possible that the lotion and the protection oil for the instruments being cleaned can automatically enter the cabin with a certain amount controlled by the program.
C, A circulation pump with large runoff is adopted to make effective cleanout over the objects with round movements of water ejection through the turning jetting arms. And the insides of tubes and bottles can be cleaned in such a case.
D, The circulation water in the cabin can be heated for a desired temperature according to the settings in a program during different stages by the automatic control over the electrical heating pipe or the electromagnetic valve for steam heating.
E, The circulation water in the cabin can be heated to and kept at a temperature of 93℃ for primary processing.
F, Water is drained out automatically after each process in order not to result in recontamination.
G, The efficient drying system can make the cleaned objects dry rapidly in the cabin so the efficiency of the appliances in operation is much improved.

4. Control system
A, The main control system:Imported US controller RABBIT2000 (an integration of display and control) is adopted, which is powerful and convenient for repair; intelligent temperature transformer from SIMENS is adopted for testing signals on thermal resistance.
B, On the touch screen operation stages and working parameters are dynamically displayed for easy viewing and manipulation.
C, There are 6 built-in programs and 60 preserved ones for customer’s choice on the equipment.
D, The equipped printer for automatic temperature, time, graphic and A0 value printing.
E, The Germany SIMENS temperature transformer is precise with stable performance.

5. Loading frame
A, For instruments and objects arrangement in the chamber to be cleaned, a suitable frame can either ensure reasonable space for the arrangement of objects or the cleaning result..
B, in the four layer frame, there are water spraying arms are equipped for each for rational cleaning. Each time 16 standardized instrument trays(8 for 480×250×50mm and 8 for 240×250×50mm); or 16 ISO standard instrument trays(8 for 460×320×50mm and 8 for 230×320×50mm); or 96 X 16cm dressing bowls; or 90 kidney basins can be loaded in.
C, In a five layer frame: also water spraying arms equipped on each layer, Each cycle 20 standard DIN/ISO instrument trays can be loaded in.
D, Narcosis apparatus frame for 12 ducts, 6 breather bags, 6 breather masks and 24 ductules.
E, If special accessories is used, milk bottle instrument vessel or surgery shoes can be effectively disposed.

6. Transport cart:
for object to be cleaned transportation manually or automatically.

Essential technical parameters

Cleansing chamber size: 700x880x730mm (L x W x H)

Overall dimension: 1200x1800x900mm (L x W x H)

Weight (net): 450Kg

Structure: Vertical

Water consumption: 35 l/ one cleanse

Heating power: 18KW

Drain outlet: 1.5”

Ventilator: φ89mm

Hot water temperature for processing: 93℃                                                      

Condition under which applied:              

Water source (softened or distilled) interface: 1/2”

Water source pressure(softened): 0.2MPa~0.5Mpa

Water flow rate: 25 L/min, hardness: ≤4~7°

Steam pressure:0.3MPa~0.5Mpa, flow rate: 0.6kg/min.

Power: 380VAC, 50Hz ,23 KW (for electrical heating)

380VAC, 50Hz ,7.1KW (for steam heating)

Requirements on environment:

Relative humidity:<90% under a temperature of 20℃

Room temperature:5~40℃

In a place of no strong magnetitute, away from high temperature, no direct sun irradiation, no fire source around, kept in a horizontal stance, away from dust, oil mist, erosion and inflammable gas, natural ventilated

Main component configuration

1ChamberEASY480.01Our companyAdvanced stainless steel plate
2Airproof doorEASY480.03Our companyStainless steel plate and toughen glass
Door electric motorPM10CBritainReliable and durable
Travel switchD4D-2121OMRON, JapanReliable and durable
3Control systemEASY480.09Our companyComputer and touch screen with automatic printing device
Main controllerRABBIT2000USReliable for logical judgment, floating point number calculation, data storage, communication connection to the net and etc
Touch screenXHPC-3.00Our companyDisplaying working parameters for easy control and convenient operation
Program softwareKGL-MEOur company6 built-in programs and 60 self defining programs for customer choice with module management
Micro printerMH4008A/TMade In ChinaRecording and printing temperature, time parameter and graphic, A0 value
Temperature transmitter0~150℃SIEMENS GermanyPrecise, stable no excursion
Air switch5S×2 650-7SIEMENS GermanySafe and reliable
Liquid level switchL201750Shite USEndurance to 150℃,precise and stable。
Liquid level switch173250Shite USPrecise and stable。
AC contactorLC1SnadeReliable touching point without sticking
Overload relayKGSnadeWith assistant touch points, reliable and precise
4Pipeline systemEASY480.04Our companyAssociated with imported components
Circulation pumpME500/12GermanyLarge runoff and low noise with reliable performance
Draining valve58580GermanyLow noise with reliable performance
Steam electromagnetic valve135Burkert GermanyEndurance to high temperature with reliable performance(only for steam heating)
Peristaltic pumpPSGermanyPrecise measurement and stable performance
FanHRDImportedLarge flow rate with high efficiency(only for equipment with drying device)
5Loading frameEASY480.05Our companyMore types for choice for their different function and stable performance
6Transport cartEASY480.06Our companyNice and easy for operation
7Cover and accessoriesEASY480.07Our companyThreaded stainless steel plate, and stainless steel accessories

The product information will probably be updated without notice, if that happens, please refer to the latest technical material.

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