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EASY320-SGD Fully Automatic Washer Disinfector

EASY320-SGD Washer Disinfector (Motorized Door)
Motorized door washer disinfector EASY320 series is the newly developed and the initiated model in the country with a novelty structure, reliable performance and convenience for use by its fine designation and qualified construction, generally used for treatments to surgical instruments, apparatus, utensils and narcosis devices in hospitals.


Major technical parameters:
● Chamber size: (W x H x D): 577x805x740mm
● External dimension: (W x H x D: 925x1890x750mm
● Net weight:: 300kg
● Structure: Floor stand
● Water consumption: 30L/cycle
● heating element power: 18KW(electrical heating)
● Water outlet: 1.5"
● Ventilation scoop: φ89mm
● Temperature of the hot water for treatment: 93℃
● Operation condition: If no standard soften water as required, distilled water or deionized water is recommended
Water(intenerated)source pressure: 0.2MPa~0.5Mpa
Steam pressure: 0.30MPa~0.5Mpa
Water heating about 5.5℃/min(electrically): 380VAC, 60Hz,22.5KW
Water heating about 7℃/min(by steam): 380VAC, 60Hz,9KW
Environmental condition humidity:<80% under a temperature of 31℃ <90% under a temperature of 20℃ Temperature:5~40℃

Power consumption for each part

Circulation pump


Air heating element


Dry fan


Water heating element(electrical heating)


Max working power


Structure and performance characters

A.The chamber

● Made of advanced stainless steel with glass surfaces, finely processed and constructed.

● Spot welding is adopted to decrease the structure distortion during the construction.

● There are two jet arms in the cleaning chamber: One is on top and the other is at the bottom, from which water is ejected to clean objects.

● There are effective insulation material sticking on both sides of the chamber as well as on top of it to keep heat from escaping rapidly and to decrease noise.

B. Airproof door:

● There are two types as single door compared with double door.

● The door can be opened out and downwards to a horizontal level as a flat roof for placing loading trolleys and frame on.

● An electronic locking device is equipped on the door, which can prevent the door from being opened during the operation of a program. With the double door model, if necessary, the unclean area and the cleaned area can be separated from each other.

● The two doors on double-door model can be interlocked each other, the back door is closed while the front door is opened, or vice versa. So that the unclean area is separated from the clean area.

● A nice viewing window is equipped on the door, through which the inner operation condition can be observed.

● The illuminating lamp in the cabin can be some help for clearer view of the operation condition inside.

C. Pipeline system:

● Automatic water entry into the cabin can be realized with the equipped electro-magnetic valves imported from abroad.

● With the squirm valve lotion enters the cabin automatically and the quantity can be controlled by the preset figure in the program.

● The circulation pump of a large runoff can make the jet arms eject water turning round to clean objects effectively, and the insides of tubes and bottles can also be cleaned.

● The electrical heating tube can be controlled automatically during various stages according to the settings in the program to heat the circulation water in the cabin to a required degree of temperature.

● The primary sterilization can be carried out when water in the cabin is heated to and kept at a temperature of 90℃.

● The water is drained out automatically after each cleaning in order to prevent the objects from recontamination.

● The highly efficient drying system available can dry the cleaned objects in the cabin rapidly, promoting the efficiency of utility of these appliance. In the meantime, the hot air to be exhausted, through the heat exchanger, transmit its heat to the cold air entering the cabin resulting in a thrifty of energy and prohibiting the humid-hot air exhausted from influencing the operational area.

D. The decorating covers are made of thread stainless steel imported from abroad.

E. The control system:

● CPU224 (PLC) of S7-220 from SIMENS, Germany is adopted as the major controller, which is tiny in size, with mightiness of function and convenience for maintenance. Thermal-resistance module of high precision ( of 0.1℃) from SIMENS is applied to convert the signal sent by the thermal resistance from analogue to digital. And TD200 displayer from SIMENS is equipped as the interface between the operator and the machine. In addition, remote diagnostic function can be supplied on the machine according to the specific requirement of customers.

● Data collector: A floater switch made of German produced PVDF is used to scale the liquid level in the cabin; A Japan-made tiny pressure switch with digital display is used to measure the entering liquid level and the pressure at the inlet for dry air.

● The executive section: AC contactor and heat protector from SNAD, France are equipped on the machine to control power supply to the electrical heating tube for water, and that for air and to the circulation water pump, and also to facilitate the electronic lock for controlling the opening and closure of the door. Advanced squirm pump from Germany is to control the certain amount of lotion into the cabin.

F. Two loading trolleys

There are two loading trolleys for the standardized configuration of each equipment, one is for apparatus and the other is for canula, which are all made of advanced stainless steel. The trolley for apparatus with a large capacity is widely used for loading surgical instruments such as scissors, nippers and etc, and also for loading basins, trays and bowls in surgery. The trolley for loading canula is for the purpose of treatment to narcosis canula and other kinds of pipes.

Program and the working flow

● P1-P6 represent the 6 preset programs, whose working flow is as the following:
a. Cleaning processes: Enzyme lotion is supplied automatically.
b. The first cleaning;
c. The second cleaning;
d. The third cleaning: Lubrication for apparatus is supplied automatically (no need for narcosis canula).
e、The drying stage.

The major configuration





Technical direction




Our company

Advanced stainless steel with glass surface


Airproof door


Our company

Made of advanced stainless steel with glass surface, with a cover of thread stainless steel, equipped with an interlock


Squirm switch


Made in china

Reliable and durable


Loading rack


Our company

With a structure of novelty, multi-function and advanced composition


Main controller



Capable of performing complicated calculation and control with its mightiness of function


Interface between operator and machine



With LCD,touch button and convenient configuration function


Temperature module



Stable and precise


Software for program development



Convenient for use with its mightiness of function


Circulation pump

PS series


Reliable, with large flux and low noise


Drainage pump

BE series


With stable performance and low noise


Steam electro-magnetic valve


Burkert, Germany

Reliable with high temperature resistance(only for steam heating equipment)


Squirm pump



Precise and stable


Heat exchanger

Made in china

With high efficiency of heat exchanging in large scale(only for equipment with drying device)



MKM series


With good performance and high efficiency(only for equipment with drying device)


Air filter


Made in china

With a high precision of 0.3μm


Temperature transducer


Made in china

Made of stainless steel, first class precision with a measuring error ≤0.15℃。


Outer covers and accessories


Our company

Thread stainless steel for the covers and stainless steel for the accessories

Optional Accessories

Air compressor

Water softener

The product information will probably be updated without notice, if that happens, please refer to the latest technical material.

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