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Is the hand-washing sink the real culprit of the nosocomial infection outbreak?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-24      Origin: Site

According to news reports:

From March 2009 to November 2011, there was an outbreak of CR Klebsiella oxytoca in the ICU of Mecede Hospital in Spain, with a total of 42 patients.

From October 2011 to October 2013, the KPC Klebsiella oxytocae broke out in the blood ward of Graz Hospital, Austria, with a total of 11 patients.

From November 2012 to March 2014, CRKP infection broke out in the ICU of the University Hospital of Montreal, France, with a total of 3 outbreaks and a total of 15 patients.

From January 2016 to May 2017, an outbreak of CR Serratia marcescens in the ICU of the Shiba Medical Center in Israel, a total of 26 patients.

There are many other cases too numerous to mention.

From this we can draw a conclusion: controlling the handwashing sink in the hospital can greatly reduce the propagation and spread of bacteria, and then control the occurrence of hospital-sensing incidents.

After testing the handwashing sink of a nurse’s station in a hospital, we found that the main reason for the growth of bacteria in the handwashing tank is that the handwashing tank cannot block splashing water drops or the shape of the handwashing tank cannot empty the water in the tank when the medical staff in the hospital wash their hands.

Resulting in a large amount of stagnant water in the sink, on the faucet, and on the ground near the sink, and the water is a breeding ground for bacteria.

We found that few domestic manufacturers specialize in manufacturing hand-washing sinks facing hospitals. The hand-washing sinks used in most domestic hospitals are still common ceramic and stainless steel hand-washing sinks on the market.

The installation of these types of sinks has brought many problems to the hospital's nosocomial infection control:

1. The shape and depth are not enough to prevent water splashing, and the splashed water is a breeding ground for bacteria.

2. There are dead ends of stagnant water and dirt, and the pipes are difficult to clean. Even regular disinfection or even replacement of drainage pipes and sinks cannot completely solve the problem, and increase maintenance costs.

What are the requirements for a qualified medical hand washing sink?

1. The sink has a certain depth to prevent water from splashing out

(There have been reports in foreign literature that the depth of the sink is greater than 19cm, which can effectively prevent water from splashing out of the sink)

2. There is no dead corner of stagnant water, easy to clean

3. Non-touch faucet to prevent cross infection

To sum up

At present, hospitals are more and more aware of the importance of hand washing sinks in the control of hospital feeling events. A good hand washing sink can greatly reduce the difficulty of hospital feeling control and is an important part of hospital feeling control.


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