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KDJH-N150 Dynamic Air Sterilizers

New Wind Laminar Purifying Equipment

Parameters:Applicable cubage:100m3; Cleanness level:10000grade



1、applicable cubage:100m3;
2、cleanness level:10000grade;
3、the concentration of bacteria —under control:≤100-200cfu/m3;
4、dust volume:≤350pcs/L(0.5UM);
5、outlet of purifing:1500-3000m3/h(adjustive);
6、Output of new wind volume:600-1000m3/h;
7、power supply and power:220V±10%,50Hz,550W;
9、package:wooden case

Application scope

Operating Room, Department of Pathology, Department of Cardiovascular conduit, Supplying Room, Preparation Room, Precision Instrument and Costly Equipment Room Etc.
Installation and usage: put it in the room, it could operate after connecting the power supply
3. Function and setup:
(1).Three level filter system: Initial-effect, middle-effect and high-effect filter could remove most of the dust and bacteria.
(2). Electro-static absorption: adsorb the dust and germs.
(3). High-intensity ultra-violet disinfection: the ultraviolet intensity reaches 14,800 uw/cm2
(4). Photo-catalysis sterilizing
(5). Mighty activated carbon filter membrane deodorizing
(6). Oxygen anion generator: remove the peculiar smell and refresh air.
(7). Standby automatic starting devices for ultraviolet
(8). Automatic contamination detecting
(9). Design of static pressure box
(10). Level-three pressure regulating
(11). Mute purifying fan
4. Specially added new wind expiation and wind exchange function could indraught new wind from outdoors and exhaust disinfection gas, anaesthesia gas and badness gas. New wind could effectively solve the problem of stuffing of the operating rooms and high Halong concentration by filtration and sterilization
5、It is necessary to build laminar operation room in some type I and II working environment in hospitals, but the cost of laminar operation room is very expensive. The clean level of laminar sterilizer reaches 10,000 grades. So it is suited to replace laminar construction of Type II operation room. And the cost of the Purifying equipment is just 1/10 of the construction of laminar operation room.

The product information will probably be updated without notice, if that happens, please refer to the latest technical material.

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New Wind Laminar Purifying Equipment

Parameters:Applicable cubage:100m3; Cleanness level:10000grade

New wind laminar purifying equipment

Parameters:Applicable cubage:100m3; Cleanness level:10000grade

Dynamic Air disinfecting equipment (Mobile)


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PS-100 H2O2 Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer
The Plasma sterilizer takes H2O2 as sterilizing agent and form plasmatic state of H2O2 by electromagnetic field under low temperature. It combines both gaseous and plasmatic H2O2 to make sterilization for the items in chamber and decomposes the residual H2O2 after sterilization.
It is widely used in CSSD or other medical institute for the sterilization of electric wire and cable, optical glasses and glass lens, power equipment and batteries, endoscopes catheter nonmetallic and other wet or heat sensitive instruments.
Steady formaldehyde gas as a strong alkanisation agent can make bacterium protein, enzyme and active radical of nucleic acid degeneration. It can combine with acid amides of protein molecule to form cross linking to prevent germ from breeding. It forms cross linking with cell wall molecule or form side chain to damage its structural organization and reduce the function of going through to bring about death.
YF-C, YF-B Series
The Product is widely applied in medical, scientific research, pharmaceutical, food making, as well as families, factories and mines for the air sterilization use.
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