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What is Air Sterilizers?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-16      Origin: Site

We have paid more attention to public health and air hygiene because of the unforeseen COVID-19. While you can only rely on masks to protect you when you go out, there are obviously better protective devices at home, such as new air conditioners, air purifiers and other appliances. In addition to these familiar air purification devices, there is also an appliance called an air disinfector that has caught fire this year due to the epidemic.

What is Air Sterilizer?

An air sterilizer is a machine that kills germs, viruses, moulds, spores and other germs and microorganisms in the air. The most important point is, of course, that unlike traditional chemical disinfection and ultraviolet irradiation, which need to be carried out when no one is around, air disinfectors are able to disinfect in the presence of humans activity, enabling human-machine coexistence. The reason we rarely hear about air disinfectors is that they are rarely used in the civilian sector, they are very widely used in the medical sector.

Air sterilizers can be used to prevent hospital infections. The use of air sterilisers can effectively clean the air in the operating theatre, purify the surgical environment, reduce surgical infections and improve the success rate of surgery. Air sterilisers are therefore widely used in the medical field. 

What is the Differences Between Air Disinfector and Air Steriliser?

  1. The disinfection means of air steriliser machines can be divided into physical methods, chemical methods and other methods. Physical methods mainly rely on electrostatic adsorption, filtration technology and ultraviolet light and other methods of disinfection; chemical methods are the use of chemical factors, such as chlorine dioxide, ozone, etc.; other methods refer to the plasma and photocatalyst two disinfection means.

  2. The most common air sterilisers on the market nowadays would be those that use UV light and plasma, as both can be disinfected in a manned environment. Air steriliers also use electrostatic adsorption and filtration technology to achieve air purification, and some high-end air purifiers also come with UV light and photocatalysts.

  3. The name of air disinfector and air sterilier are similar,and there working principles are also comparable . In fact they are two completely different products. First of all, the focus of the two is also different. The definition of air purifier from the relevant national standards is a household and similar-use appliance that has a certain ability to remove one or more pollutants such as particulate matter (PM2.5), gaseous pollutants and microorganisms from the air, while the definition of air disinfection machine is one that uses physical, chemical or other methods to kill or remove microorganisms from indoor air and can meet the requirements of disinfection machine. This means that air disinfectors only look at the germ killing rate and have a higher requirement for disinfection without the need to focus on other pollutants.

  4. Most importantly, the two are manufactured according to different production and implementation standards. The air purifier is just an appliance, while the air disinfector is positioned as a medical device, a disinfection product. In other words, air purifiers only need to comply with the corresponding national standards for electrical appliances, while air sterilisers need to follow the health requirements of the National Health Commission. This is arguably the biggest difference between the two.

Do We Need Air Steriliers?

Because of the outbreak of the COVID-19, many household appliance manufacturers have also launched air disinfection machines for many familiies, so do we need air disinfection machines? In fact, before answering this question, we need to understand that since it is called an air disinfector, it should also be classified as a medical device and needs to comply with hygiene standards. So, whether it is for medical use or for the family use, it is still a medical device that can be used for air  disinfection.


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