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What is an autoclave: types and applications

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tabletop autoclaves

In previous times, when autoclaves were not yet invented, people used open flame or chemical cleaning approaches to sterilize equipment for surgical and microbiological studies.

But these methods were not effective because they could not sterilize fungi, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms on surgical instruments such as scalpels, forceps, scissors as well as other metal objects. Following the invention of the autoclave, it was soon embraced by hospitals, universities and sterile production facilities because of its proper and effective function.

In this article, we will discuss all about autoclaves: definition, types, applications.

What is an Autoclave?

The autoclave is used for sterilizing surgical equipment, in-lab instruments, pharmaceuticals, and other materials. With it, solid, liquid, hollow and instruments of all shapes and sizes can be sterilized. Autoclaves come in a variety of sizes, shapes and functions.

Autoclaves are also known as steam sterilizers and are commonly found in medical facilities and industries for a variety of purposes. Autoclaves are regarded as a more efficient method of sterilization because they are based on moist heat sterilization.

Types of Autoclave

Autoclaves are used in a wide variety of different industries. Its key purpose is still the same, namely sterilization; however, different industries have different requirements for the type and size of autoclaves. Below are a few different types of autoclaves available.

tabletop autoclave1

It can sterilize and disinfect miscellaneous packaged or unpackaged medical devices, whether solid or A-shaped hollow, porous or embedded in tubes. It effectively exhausts air from every hollow area of any hollow device (such as a handpiece). Water steam can reach every corner.

vertical autoclave

It consists of a handwheel type quick opening structure with waterless safety protection and pressure safety lock, as well as an indicator light to show the current operating status. Besides, it is sealed with automatic inflation and has a double scale pressure gauge, more importantly, it is made of full stainless steel.

Horizontal Pulsant Vacuum Sterilizers

It is specially designed to disinfect biological products, utensils, instruments, tools, dressings, sterile clothing and other items with strict requirements for disinfection in the shortest possible time. It is widely used in biologics, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and laboratories for supply and operating rooms.

Portable Autoclave

Using steam for fast and effective disinfection of items, it is suitable for disinfection of medical devices, surgical dressings, glassware, solutions and substrates in hospitals, public health centres, factories and clinics, and research institutions. It can also be used as a steam cooker in plateau areas to make high-quality drinking water in industrial and mining enterprises.

floortype sterilizer

It adopts gravity exchange to release cold air from the chamber more thoroughly and can ensure a reliable sterilization effect. This equipment is ideal for clinics, scientific institutions and other organizations to sterilize surgical instruments, fabric glass, culture media, etc.

Applications of Multi-Functional Autoclave

In order to achieve complete sterilization, it is important to utilize autoclaves because some bacteria cannot be sterilized by dry heat sterilization. In addition, autoclaves can be used for various other purposes as follows:

  • Specifically applied for the decontamination of biological waste and the disinfection of media and instruments.

  • Used in medical laboratories to sterilize medical equipment, glassware, surgical equipment and medical waste.

  • Regulated medical waste that may contain bacteria, viruses and other biological materials should be inactivated by autoclaving prior to disposal.

  • In addition, autoclaves are used to sterilize culture media, plastic tubes and pipette tips.

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