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Why is Tabletop sterilization So Important in Hospital?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-25      Origin: Site

Tabletop sterilization is an important procedure that should ensure patients' healthy and safes in the hospital. This means medical professionals—doctors, nurses, and staff—must properly care for patients in a manner that keeps them safe.

Sterilization is an essential aspect of the medical field. Protection from bacteria ensures successful check-ups, procedures, and more.

1.What is Sterilization

Sterilization is the complete elimination or destruction of all forms of microbial life and is accomplished in health care facilities by either physical or chemical processes.

Sterilization is defined as a process of complete elimination or destruction of all forms of microbial life (i.e., both vegetative and spore forms), which is carried out by various physical and chemical methods. Technically, there is a reduction of ≥106 log colony forming units (CFU) of the most resistant spores achieved at the half-time of a regular cycle.

2.The Functions of Sterilization

Hospitals are prone to fungi, viruses and deadly bacteria that can cause incredibly serious and sometimes even fatal complications. Using non-sterilized medical instruments—especially during surgery—drastically increases the likelihood of transmitting  disease from one patient to another. Sterilizing each piece of equipment is critical to keeping each patient as safe and healthy as possible.

Sterilization refers to the use of certain physical, chemical or biological factors to render microorganisms inert. Chemicals, antibiotics, high temperature radiation, ultrasound, phages or lysozyme all have a bactericidal effect.

In order to increase the bactericidal effect of existing sterilization methods and to improve their poor performance, it is common to combine two or more compounds to form a compound disinfectant and to combine physical and chemical methods in order to obtain a synergistic bactericidal effect.

3.Why we need sterilization in the hospital

Eliminate infection

Hospitals are the most germ-ridden places. With the high volume of people in hospitals, everyone carries germs on their bodies and it is important to sterilise and disinfect to maintain a safe and clean medical environment. Wounds must not come into contact with germs as this can have a serious impact on the body, so medical staff should wear masks and gloves when treating wounds and sterilise the skin.

Eliminate the risk of disease

There are some situations in which surgical equipment is not properly sterilized after being used on another party. These sterilization issues can result in the spread of diseases from one patient to another, such as HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, and more.

Therefore, all medical devices should be sterilized because avoid the spread of the virus.

Eliminate the risk of death

Human wounds need to be treated in a sterile environment and if certain bacteria are spread or if the disease is contracted through contamination of certain medical equipment, it can lead to a terrible infection or even death. Therefore, sterilization is  very important in hospitals


Most medical and surgical devices used in healthcare facilities are made of materials that are heat stable and therefore undergo heat, primarily steam, sterilization. Medical devices that have contact with sterile body tissues or fluids are considered critical items. These items should be sterile when used because any microbial contamination could result in disease transmission. Therefore, sterilization is the key factor to ensure the patient's healthy and safety in hospitals.


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