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XG1.DWXD-0.36B Power Door Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer Double Door

XG1.DWXD-0.36B Horizontal Pulsant Vacuum Sterilizers
Type:XG1.DWXD-0.36B(Double Door)
Made Department:Disinfection and sterilization equipment branch
Overall Dimensions:1306×1235×1780mm
Net Weight:720kg


Product Introduction XG1.DM series of power door pulse vacuum sterilizer is specially designed to sterilize the goods with strict requirements on sterilization such as biology products, utensils, instruments, tools, dressings, sterile clothes etc in the shortest time. It is widely used in biology product, pharmaceutical industry, supplying and surgical rooms in hospital and laboratories. This series of sterilizers are welcomed by the customers, and can substitute imported ones.

■ The experiences over 30 years of designing and producing sterilizers is adsorbed in, designation and test are in accordance with ISO9001 standards system. Several programs are available.
■ Vacuum program: Used to sterilize dressing, sterile clothes, metal instruments and tools, utensils etc. various medical materials.
■ Instrument program: Used to sterilize metal surgical instrument and tools, sterile utensils etc.
■ Liquid program: Used to sterilize small amount of liquids in supplying and surgical rooms.
■ B-D testing program: Used to carry out B-D test to inspect the sterilizer‘s performance.


Technical parameter
Chamber Size: 994×600×600mm
Chamber Volume: 0.36m3
Packing Dimension: 1200×1400×2000mm
Max Steam Consumption: 25kg/cycle
Control Power: 220V, 500w
Dynamic Power: 3-AC380V, 1450w
Max Water Consumption: 250kg/cycle
The whole sterilization period: 30min


■ The airproof door is driven up and down electrically and airproofed pneumatically, safe, reliable and easy for operation.
■ Air is discharged compulsorily by vacuum pump, resulting in a sterilization thoroughly and the dry effect is satisfactory.
■ Double-coated cubic construct of the main body formed under strict quality and security standard
■ M-shape silicon rubber door gasket is high temperature resistant and durable
■ Preferable performance cost ratio.
■ World-branded fittings ensures the sterilizer’s advance and long term performance without malfunction.
■ The whole process is controlled by computer and the process parameters can be recorded and printed automatically.


■ The inner shell and door board are made of 304 stainless steel and polished 

■ Stainless steel slopy pneumatic valve from GEMU, Germany 

■ Also equipped with pressure controller from SMC, Japan and stainless steel electromagnetic valves

■ Germany nash_elmo high capability and low noise vacuum Pump 

■ Special control system    

■ The tiny printer records date and parameters in the course of sterilization

Standard on the product

■ Q/XH 52-2000

Installation requirements:

■ Steam Source Pressure:0.3~0.5Mpa
■ Water Source Pressure:0.15~0.3Mpa
■ Compressed Air Source Pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa

■ Electrical steam generator
■ Soft watering machine

The product information will probably be updated without notice, if that happens, please refer to the latest technical material.

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