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YF160 Laboratory Glassware Washer Disinfector Cleaning Machine

Washer Disinfectors
The YF160 lab glassware washer disinfector/cleaning machine is mainly made of rinsing, cleaning, flushing system and control circuit, etc. It can be connected to cool, heat, deionized water to clean, disinfect and dry all kinds of lab glassware.


1. The whole body is stainless structure, the equipment exterior is made up of stainless 304, while the interior made of stainless 316, has good non-corrosibility; the streamlining door is liberal and beautiful.
2. The machine has automatic cleaning and disinfecting function, cleaning and disinfecting is convenient, can keep the machine itself with the cleaning articles clean and healthy to the greatest degree.
3. The machine is fit to clean lab glassware like test-tube, beaker, flask, cylinder, volumetric flask, conical flask, etc. can be equipped with required cleaning frame according to user's requirements.
4. It has 2 layers of racks, can be used in spraying cleaning. the front pull-style safe door provides convenience of operation.
5. There is rotating sprayer in the top of cleaning tank, with dead angle design, can clean various kinds of glassware overall and symmetrically.
6. Every set of cleaning rack is equipped with water spraying column make the cleaning agent sprayed into glassware which is awaited to be cleaned.


1. Microcomputer control system, PLC preset procedure, users can also set parameters and write program flexibly.
2. The complete machine is designed in modularization, it will make pure water automatically (it dosen't need to equip pure water machine)(optional)
3. Automatically diagnose faults, buzzer automatically alarms, automatic alarm and power-off when it's short of water or cleaning agent.
4. SMS alarm when it leaks water(optional)
5. Automatically prepare the proportion of cleaning agent.
6. Many kinds of cleaning rack can meet washing of different glassware.
7. All design is in accordance with EN ESO 15883-1/-2 international standard heat disinfecting regulations.
8. The machine will drain out waste water after every stage procedure, stop mutual pollution.
9. Heating power high temperature disinfection, preset 93 C high temperature disinfection, ensuring the safety.

Human Technology To Touch

With wide colorful 7.0 inches touch display screen, innovative WINDOWS interface software, large capacity memorizer and programmed temperature rising system, can not only improve the experiement efficiency,but also bring pleasure to users.

Cleaning rack optional

With design idea of durable, using medical stainless sectional material, full mould type process,full assembly line production, reducing product cost, thus ensure the ultrahigh cost performance.
Cleaning rack can be customized separately according to users' deifferent requirements to accomplish the experiements' requirements

Technical Parameters

Model  YF160
Cleaning rack typeGlassware, surgical instruments, Dental Instruments(optional)
Effective cleaning volume160L
Cleaning tank water storage0.030m3 or so
Power supply                400VAC 3N+T/50Hz
Power                             <5800W
Maximum noise52dB
Working condition+5°C +40°C
Cleaning time60min or so

The product information will probably be updated without notice, if that happens, please refer to the latest technical material.

Product Category

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