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YFQ1 160L Washer Disinfectors

Sterilizer for lab devices'cleaning and disinfection
YFQ series Sterilizer computer adopts computer-control technology to control water temperature, pressure and flushing time of the high-pressure and dynamic spray. It can be used for the surface and intra cavity cleaning and disinfection work with the other detergent or disinfectant for dental equipment, surgical instrument, lab containers etc. It is the fact that the sterilizer is widely used in all oral Clinics, supply rooms, operating theatres, and various types of biological and toxicological laboratories.

Technical characteristics

1. Flow direction: 3D dynamic variable spray in all directions;

2. Rated external hydraulic pressure: 0.04-1 .00 MPa;

3. Self-cleaning procedures: powerful, standards, economic, rinse, wash fast, ultra-fast, pre-wash;

4. Priority mode: memory, easy to operate;

5. Digital display: shows of the different procedures for washing process, time, temperature and beep tips at the end of rinse;

6. Maximum Power: ≤ 1760 W;

7. Drying: high temp drying;

8. Auto drainage: a unique double-pump structure and double-filters for automatic stains exclusion;

9. Soft water features: absorption of calcium and magnesium ions can optimize the water quality and eliminate scale;

10. Brightener Distributor: automatic release and alarm;

11. Detergent: liquid or powder;

12. Safety devices: work status display, emergency shutdown and automatic fault diagnosis (tips);

13. Stainless steel interior: high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean;

14. Host size (L × W × H): YFQ1: 590 × 595 × 850 (mm); YFQ2S: 470 × 470 × 460 (mm)

15. Intra cavity Volume: YFQ1 about 160 L; YFQ2S about 57L;

16. Numbers of one time cleaning for dental cleaning device: YFQ1 ≤ 40; YFQ2S ≤ 11;

17. Working noise: ≤ 50 dB;

18. N.W.: YFQ1 ≤ 43 kg, YFQ2S ≤19 kg.


1. Avoid infection caused by manual cleaning process and Slow down the work intensity;

2. Ensure clean quality; reduce the incidence of medical blunders and diseases caused by pollution;

3. Flushing in all directions through more than 40 variable spray nozzles with high-pressure and high-temperature water flow; Better than the manual or ultrasonic cleaning;

4. It can solve the problem of intra cavity cleaning of mobile dental compared with manual or ultrasonic cleaning and convenient for the next high temp and pressure treatment.

5. Substantially reduce the fault rate during the cleaning process for expensive dental equipment such as dental mobile;

6. Block the path of cross-infection to safeguard the health of workers and patients.

The product information will probably be updated without notice, if that happens, please refer to the latest technical material.

Product Category

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The Plasma sterilizer takes H2O2 as sterilizing agent and form plasmatic state of H2O2 by electromagnetic field under low temperature. It combines both gaseous and plasmatic H2O2 to make sterilization for the items in chamber and decomposes the residual H2O2 after sterilization.
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The Product is widely applied in medical, scientific research, pharmaceutical, food making, as well as families, factories and mines for the air sterilization use.
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