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What is an autoclave: types and applications
02 April 2022

In previous times, when autoclaves were not yet invented, people used open flame or chemical cleaning approaches to sterilize equipment for surgical and microbiological studies. But these methods were not effective because they could not sterilize fungi, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms on surgical instruments such as scalpels, forceps, scissors as well as other metal objects. Following the invention of the autoclave, it was soon embraced by hospitals, universities and sterile production facilities because of its proper and effective function.

All That You Must Know About Autoclave Sterilization Process
07 January 2022

For killing various harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses, and spores, one of the most effective methods used is autoclaving. It is an effective method to sterilize the lab equipment, particularly for any liquid handling products. This process takes the advantage of a certain phenomenon that water or ste

6 Common Sterilizers for Hospital Sterilization Uses
24 November 2021

Sterilization is of great importance to keep patients and medical professionals healthy and safe as it reduces the risk of infection, disease and death by inactivating bacteria on the surface of medical devices and in the air and surroundings. Sterilization can be complicated as the items to be ste

How Does Autoclave Sterilization Work?
01 November 2021

What Is An Autoclave?An autoclave is used in medical and o = laboratory settings to emasculate lab outfit and spendthrift. Autoclave sterilization works by using heat to kill microorganisms similar as bacteria and spores. The heat is delivered by pressurized brume. Pressurization allows the brume to

Why is Tabletop sterilization So Important in Hospital?
25 October 2021

Sterilization is an important procedure that should ensure patients' healthy and safes in the hospital. This means medical professionals—doctors, nurses, and staff—must properly care for patients in a manner that keeps them safe.Sterilization is an essential aspect of the medical field. Protection f

What is Air Sterilizers?
16 August 2021

We have paid more attention to public health and air hygiene because of the unforeseen COVID-19. While you can only rely on masks to protect you when you go out, there are obviously better protective devices at home, such as new air conditioners, air purifiers and other appliances. In addition to th

Is there so much attention to disinfection of environmental surfaces?
24 March 2021

As we all know, the surface of environmental objects is easy to breed or be attached to microorganisms. Reasonable disinfection can limit the survival of microorganisms and reduce the risk of infection. So how to disinfect the surface of environmental objects?


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